Prayer needs:

Pray for all churches who are reaching out to the unchurched, unsaved, and lapsed

  church members

Pray for the Christians being persecuted for their love of God and Jesus Christ

For people who have to be outside in this cold weather

For all the people affected by the most recent violent weather, flooding, and

   snowstorms around this country and the world 

For the dead, the injured, and the survivors of violent acts across this country and the world 

   especially for the military strikes in Syria

Economy and jobs

For our national, state, and local leaders - to be one nation under God

For Israel

SCCAP - Southern Central Community Action Program

Shining Stars Therapeutic Ministry serving children and adults with special needs

Gettysburg Soup Kitchen

ARM - Adams Rescue Mission

For all our missionaries around the world especially our LINKS Missionaries

Prayers for the General Superintendents

For those people looking for jobs or who are underemployed

For all our church's out reach programs

For the spouses of pastors, who try to keep everything in balance

For all family members in long-term care facilities

For family members who are traveling and/or on vacation

For family members, friends, and co-workers with cancer and their families and to help

    them find strength and energy enough for each and every day

For anyone going through chemo therapy or radiation treatments

For couples struggling with marital problems especially for their children

For all the victims of child abuse and their families

For anyone dealing with a death of a family member, friend, or co-worker

For families dealing with domestic violence

For people going through physical therapy 

For anyone who is seeking God and unsaved love ones

For anyone with relationship and family problems 

For anyone who has taken their lives and for their family, friends and co-workers who are
    coping with this loss 
For anyone ill with the flu or any seasonal illness 
For anyone dealing with alcohol problems and the people and families affected by drunk drivers
For anyone dealing with a heart attack, recovering from a stroke, or having heart problems
For anyone with Lyme's disease
For a friend and relative getting deployed
For all members of our military, the veterans, and their families 

For anyone and their family dealing with Alzheimer
For anyone having mental health issues
For anyone having financial struggles
For the police officers and first responders killed 
For the District's Work and Witness programs plus our District Leaders and Churches
For guidance and encouragement for our MOPS(Mothers of preschoolers) program 
   and to touch these mothers, share Christ with them whether they attend this church or not
For the Supreme Court's decision on marriage
For our missionary families
For our District Superintendent
Several unspoken prayer needs

For anyone with asthma problems
For anyone suffering from PTSD 
For the homeless
For anyone with a blood disorder/cancer
For anyone with Parkinson's disease
For anyone who has been in a car accident
For anyone who is adopting a child
For children's future spouses
For anyone who is dealing with addiction issues
For the police officers and firefighters who died this week and for their families

For Pastor George, Tanzania - prayers for his ministry and for his kidney health problem
For giving forgiveness to those who caused past hurts
For a toddler with many medical problems and continued strength and rest for his family
A woman with back pain due to a bulging disc  
A woman with high blood iron count who is slowly improving
Elderly parents who are retiring, need to sell their business, and various medical issues
A nephew recovering from cancerous brain tumor surgery and for his family
A young boy with Butterfly Syndrome has a very narrow esophagus who needs continued
For upgrading our current sound system
A young girl and her parents as she recovers from a stomach tumor

A man with eye trouble who is improving
A family with a special needs child who needs around the clock nursing care
For healthy pregnancies
A woman who had her leg amputated
A man with circulation problems especially in his legs
Church challenge - to pray for 2 to 3 church members, neighbors, and friends each week
A brother and his family in a serious situation in need of prayers and for their 
   extended family
For the Fredrick County firefighters and EMS struggling with health and family issues
For a man searching for a job 
A woman in hospice for ovarian cancer

A woman in need of a kidney transplant
A son deployed to Baghdad
 A woman who wants to get off her respirator during the day
A mom with back pain
A man with a hernia
A daughter moving in with her parents to help care for them
A grandmother in the hospital needing a skin graft to close an open wound on her foot
A young woman in a coma since early February
A husband with metastasized brain cancer
A cousin in the hospital with internal bleeding 

A mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother who died
A mother who died and for her family having problems
A woman in the hospital with pneumonia/bronchitis
A boy with infected lymph nodes who needs surgery
A woman with breathing problems
A mom expecting baby #5
A couple who lost a baby
A boy who broke his foot
A pastor who died and for his family and his church
Prayers for our children 

A newborn with serious medical problems
A man who has had seizures
A grandson who broke his arm
A brother's whose bone cancer reoccured
For our sponsored children in Lebanon
For daughters 

Praise for getting back to work
Praise for family reunions
Praise for new child, grandchild and great-grandchild
Praise for anyone who accepts Christ into their life 
Praise for no sign of cancer
Praise for this church's generosity
Praise for birthdays and anniversaries
Praise we can take all of our burdens to Jesus
Praise for good medical test results
Thanks for the power of prayer

Praise for baptism
Praise for being free of pain 
Praise for a job
Praise for God's leading and direction
Praise for helping friend get into a MOPS group for support
Praise for family members with cancer who in remission 
Praise for a successful surgery
Thankful for God's healing and strength
Praise for disappearing tumors and all the support and prayers
Praise for doctors who listen and give encouraging information

Praise for a home purchase
Praise for the Lord healing a woman
Thank you for all Jesus gave me - from a child
Praise for a good visits with family
Thankful for answered prayers
Praise to God for everything He has done for us
Praise for new mother and baby doing well
Praise for a new believer
Praise for severe pain gone
Praise and thank you for prayers, cards, and flowers after illness

Praise for successful heart procedures
Praise for the healing of a baby through prayer
Praise for a woman healed from abuse as a child
Praise for cell signal in the midst of an emergency where there is normally no signal
Praise for God moving in a woman's life
Praise for adoption
Praise for good fellowship with friends at dinner
Praise for quick recovery from knee surgery
Praise for being allowed to drive after months of recovery from a severe car accident
Praise for couple not seriously hurt in a major car accident

Praise for son graduating from the Navy's basic training

Blessing for children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren
Remember all the friends and family members who have died this year and those
   who have died in past years
Remember to lift up all the people who protect us every day - those serving in the 
    armed forces, firefighters, police officers, EMS...
"When they cast thee down, thou shalt say, There is lifting up:  And the humble 
 person he will save".   Job 22:29