Sunday morning Bible Study - 9:30 AM         


   Women in the Bible

     Apr 1 - Two sisters with resurrection faith - John 11:17-27; 32-44              

     Apr 8 - Miriam: The unhelpful critic - Exodus 15:20-21; Numbers 12:1-15

     Apr 15 - Rahab: The unlikely ally - Joshua 2:1-21                  

     Apr 22 - Abigail: The resourceful mediator - 1 Samuel 25:14-35

     Apr 29 - The widow and the prophet - 1 Kings 17:7-24


Children's Sunday School - 9:30 AM

    Apr 1 - Easter

    Apr 8 - Jesus prays "Your will be done"

    Apr 15 - Earth's darkest day

    Apr 22 - Our living Savior

    Apr 29 - Celebrate Jesus' return


Monday morning 8 AM

     Mighty Men's Prayer Time     


Tuesday morning 9 AM

  Free Time Fellowship Hour 

    Bible study, fellowship, and refreshments

     Current study: 1st Corinthians


Wednesday night Bible Study - 7 PM

 New study started Apr 4 

  "Embracing Exile" by T. Scott Daniels

    - this study will help you discover what faithfulness 

      looks like even when the surrounding culture does 

      not affirm Christ as Lord

Ladies' Tea Time

Our focus will be on serving others through helping with 
our current ministries, making items for Tendercare
Pregnancy Center, and having occasional outings.
Our goal is to grow closer in relationship with Jesus
Christ, each other, and as a community.

   - next meeting: Apr 29th, 6 PM                             

   - at the church for about one hour



Bible Trivia

  Apr 2018

  1. What king broke his own law when he called on a spiritualist to

          bring up the ghost of Samuel?

   2. What fiery chariot driver slew the king of Israel and the king of 

         Judah and later had Jezebel murdered, after which he reigned

         as king of Israel?

  3. When Jesus healed a man who was both blind and dumb, what 

         demon did the Pharisees accuse him of consorting with?

  4. Who said "What I have written, I have written?" 

  5. What color did the moon become when the sixth seal was broken




     1. Saul (1 Samuel 28:3-19)

     2. Jehu (2 Kings 9)

     3. Belzebub (Matthew 12:24) 

     4. Pilate (Acts 19:22) 

     5. Blood red (Revelation 6:12)

---------- ---

  Mar 2018

   1. What cruel king had the infant boys of Bethlehem slaughtered?

  2. When Pekah the usurper reigned in Israel, who murdered him 

         and took over the throne?


3. What future disciple did Jesus see, through miraculous means, 

         sitting under a fig tree?

  4. Who said "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and


  5. What color horse did Death ride?





     1. Herod (Matthew 2:16)

     2. Hoshea (2 Kings 15:30)

     3. Nathanael (John 1:48) 

     4. Peter (Acts 3:6) 

     5. Pale (Revelation 6:8)


                                                       * * * * *

   Bible trivia information found in The Complete book of bible trivia,

      by J. Stephen Lang, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, IL, 1988.