Apr 15, 2018

Psalm 4:1-2
Responsive Reading 78 "God's compassion"
Hymn 26 "This is the day!"; "The love of God"; Hymn 88 "Such love";
   Hymn 84 "Grace greater than our sin"; Hymn 490 "O to be like Thee"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Luke 18:9-14; "Have mercy!"
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Some of the people listening to Jesus preach this parable had an attitude of 
superiority. The Pharisee was filled with arrogance and self-righteousness.
The Tax Collector humbled himself and knew he was unworthy of God. The 
Pharisee did what all Pharisees did by boasting of all the things he did for God.
He never really addressed God. He was worshiping himself. He did not need
God because in his mind he was already righteous and justified. He was puffed
up with pride. The Pharisee could not see his sin of pride. By being righteous
in his own eyes, the Pharisee missed God.
   The Tax Collector probably worked for the Romans and knew the people did
not like him. He was lonely. He stood in the presence of God confessing his sin
and said he was not worthy. God forgave the Tax Collector his sins and called 
him righteous and holy. The Tax Collector knew he was dependent on God and
needed Him. 
   The Pharisee was self-righteous and did not see that the Tax Collector was
broken. The Pharisee judged the Tax Collector by his appearance. The Tax
Collector needed someone to help him. He needed a friend. Today, too often
church people look at those outside the church and say - "I've been in church
almost everyday, I read the Bible, I give a tithe, etc." God looks at the people
out there who are different and not like those church people. If we are not
careful, we can become prideful of being a Christian. God wants us to be 
changed because we met the living God like Saul/Paul and the fearful disciples
who became bold apostles. We cannot judge someone not worthy of Christ. 
We do need to be discerning by deciding not to get into trouble with someone,
see others with compassionate eyes, and be willing to see past someone's 
outer appearance. 
   Let us not be like the Pharisee. Do not pump yourself up because of what
Jesus Christ has done for you. Instead, say "Without Jesus Christ, I am nothing,
and I can only serve because of God." Someone came along side of you to 
listen and help you. Be careful not to let your pride make you forget how you 
got where you are and what you were before knowing Jesus Christ. God wants
us to go to the broken people. We are to be His hands, reveal His heart, and 
speak His words of grace and mercy to them. Do not be a Pharisee! You are 
here because someone else who knew God spoke to you, came along side of
you, and helped you. Do not forget where you came from so that you do not
become prideful. Remember you need to live a resurrected life of a humble

Apr 8, 2018

Psalm 131
Responsive Reading 254 "Christ's humiliation and exaltation"
"My hope is in you Lord"; Hymn 255 "There is a fountain"; 
   Hymn 436 "The solid rock"; Hymn 439 "Burdens are lifted at Calvary"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Matthew 11:25-30; "Never too old (or young) to learn"
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Apr 1, 2018

Luke 24:1-12
Hymn 606 "In the Garden"; Hymn 258 "Christ arose"; Hymn 262 "He lives!";
   Hymn 268 "Our God reigns"; "Are you washed in the blood?"; "I'll fly away"
Responsive Reading 257 "Our risen King"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Acts 10:34-43; "Idle talk and nonsense"
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Mar 25, 2018

Isaiah 56:1-8
Responsive Reading 216 "The Triumphal entry"
Hymn 217 "Hosanna, loud Hosanna"; Hymn 2 "Holy, holy, holy!";
   Hymn 269 "He is Lord"; Hymn 708 "Bring them in"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Matthew 12-15; "For all people"
Audio available below.
   Jesus enters Jerusalem and the people line the street. Jesus then goes into
the Temple. He disrupts the normal business upsetting the Temple priests. In
the Gentile's Courtyard the priests had set up a market. A lot of business went on 
in the Temple such as money exchange and animal purchase usually at an 
inflated price. Jesus kicked these people out for four reasons.
   1. Jesus did not like seeing business and the worship of God mixed together.
       Church needs to be by God's grace. Worship and finance needs to be
   2. The market took room away from the Gentiles and the foreigners who 
        came to worship God.
   3. By removing the animals for sacrifice, Jesus showed He was the once
       and for all perfect sacrifice. No more sacrifices would be needed.
   4. The Gentiles were not worthy to worship with the Jews. Even the maimed
        and the handicapped could not come into the Temple. The priests made
        no room for these people to come to the Temple to worship. To the 
        priests, The Law and the rules were more important than serving God.
        Only the ritually clean people can worship God.
   Jesus opens up the Temple and the grounds along with setting everyone
free to worship Jesus and God. No matter where they were, who they were, or
what they did. Priests did not want anyone but the "clean" to worship God in 
the Temple. 
   Jesus Christ makes us free. We are not tied to "The Law". We can bring
other people into the church. We can talk to anyone about Jesus and God no
matter who they are, what they look like, what they do or have done. Jesus
upset the thinking and practices of the people in the Temple. Jesus set us 
free to serve anyone and everyone. We are free to bring them into Jesus' and
God's presence, who will make them clean. You are free to work with them,
share with them, love them, help them, and bring them to God. God will then 
work on them. God's house is a house of worship for all people. Jesus freed
the church, freed the Jews, and freed the people. 
   Until you come to Jesus, you will be in bondage. Jesus went to the Cross to
bring people back into a relationship like the time in the Garden of Eden. Jesus
upset the standard beliefs and replaced it with the desire to bring us back into 
relationship with Him and God. Christ has made it free for us to go out, reach
out, and love others. Let us live a free life.  

Who hath divided a watercourse for the overflowing of waters...
To cause the bud of the tender herb to spring forth?
Job 38:25, 27

God is behind creation; 
God is through creation;
Look around you and see how beautiful and loving our God is.
Praise Him.

Pastor George Fry4/15/2018
Have mercy!

Pastor George Fry4/1/2018
Idle talk and nonsense

Pastor George Fry3/25/2018
For all people