Jan 13, 2019

Psalm 89:26-29
Responsive Reading 8 "The Apostle's Creed"
Hymn 88 "Such love"; Hymn 117 "Praise Him! Praise Him!"; "Open the eyes 
   of my heart"; Hymn 269 "He is Lord"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Isaiah 42:1-9; "To open, to set free, to bring light"
Audio available below.
   This reading from Isaiah is a prophesy of what Christ is doing and what
God will do.
   The English translation of this reading does not give the full meaning as
the original words. God says that Christ is going to delight and God says it
twice in the New Testament. Today is the day Jesus was baptized by John
according to the church calendar. Christ died for us and forgave our sins.
Christ taught us justice, to love, and to extend mercy. The Israelites were to 
be God's servants to the world. Since they did not do it, God gave this job
to His Son, Jesus Christ. God is upholding Christ. God gives Christ the power 
and strength he will need to do God's will. God replaced the disobedient 
Israelites with Jesus Christ.
   Jesus Christ will fill the people in this world with the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ
will bring justice and sacrifice himself for all of us. Jesus Christ is a gentle
savior/leader yet is also all powerful. Jesus does not use his power for self.
Christ will always be obedient to God, His Father. Jesus Christ will reach
out to everyone - Jew or Gentile.
   God is making Jesus Christ a covenant sacrifice for the people. This 
sacrifice will be written on their hearts. A lot of Jesus' sayings are found in
the Old Testament. Jesus Christ says that He is God and He will not let 
anyone else take the glory - no idols, no pretend/handmade gods. Do not
praise these no gods for whatever happens. God will not share His glory
with anyone. God brought us the Messiah. God said that Jesus Christ is
coming back. Do not doubt. These promises are not just for our benefit.
God has called us to be just like Jesus Christ; to represent and imitate Him.
We are called to continue to be the priests of this world to spread God's 
words, grace, and mercy. Get excited to know God has called us to this
special job. Let us be the priests and servants God has called us to be!

Jan 6, 2019

Psalm 72:1-2
Responsive Reading 201 "The Magi's visit"
"How He loves us"; Hymn 192 "Angels from the Realms"; Hymn 186 "Infant 
   holy, infant lowly"; Hymn 202 "We three kings"; Hymn 198 "I wonder as I

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Isaiah 60:1-9; "For the Holy One of Israel"
Audio available below.
Notes not available.

Dec 30, 2018

Psalm 148:1-6
Responsive Reading 166 "God with us"
"Chain breaker"; Hymn 175 "O come all Ye faithful"; Hymn 196 "There is a
   song in the air"; Hymn 195 "I heard the bells on Christmas Day"; Hymn 176
   "Away in the manger"
Flute solo by Melissa - "What child is this?"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Colossians 3:12-17; "Holy and dearly loved"
Audio available below.
   Paul wrote to the Colossians because the Jews there stated that the 
Christians had to follow Jewish Law. Another group of people said only a 
select few could go to Heaven and only these people knew the information
they would need. Paul told the Colossians to "Stop it!" Paul restated that all
people who accept Christ as their savior are chosen to go to Heaven. Do not
let anyone tell you different. God loves you and you are a chosen one 
because you have Christ as your savior. The Colossians were chosen to 
proclaim this Good News to everyone around them. Paul talks about God's 
mercy and God's faithfulness to us. The Colossians should have this love
full of mercy and exude the love of Christ and His compassion. Clothe 
yourself in Christ so you can feel the need and respond to the hurts and 
sufferings of others. Christ paid for their sins and died for them.
   The Colossians needed to forgive others even before they ask for 
forgiveness because Christ on the cross forgave all our sins now and in the
future. We should no longer continue to sin if we have Christ in us. So we
need to forgive others even if they do not know they hurt you. They do not
have to ask for your forgiveness. Christ again forgave us before we even 
asked. Not all Christians know or understand they need to change their 
personality as they grow closer to Christ. You need to change as you learn
more about the knowledge and image of God. The Colossians were to show 
their covenant love to the people around them as God does to the Colossians. 
Show compassion, forgiveness, and patience with everyone. We cannot do 
this forgiveness on our own. We need God in our lives. 
   Peace, Old Testament peace is what Paul was thinking of when he wrote 
this letter to the Colossians. We are to be as one with God. God is with you.
Emmanuel - God is with you and He is here on earth. Being as one heart, 
mind, and love with God will keep us out of conflict. You can then be one with 
God in peace together. God's peace is to rule over us, our hearts, and our
lives. We need to live with others in this peace and love them.
   Let Christ dwell in you. You are constantly living in the presence of God.
Living in God's kingdom. Living all God has asked you to do. Do not leave
Christ in the manger. We want to live in the presence of the risen Christ 
always. Take time to teach others gently about God and Christ to help them
grow. Songs, hymns, and reading your Bible are all very important to keep
God's words in our hearts. Sing in the Spirit allowing God's grace and mercy
to come out of our mouths.
   Do everything you do as a thanksgiving to God and Christ. Take Christ out
of the cradle and put on Christ. Love as Christ. Teach as Christ. Forgive as
Christ. Walk in Christ. Celebrate the Advent but remember the incarnation is
in us. Christ came to be in us, to live in us. Christ came as an example to us 
on how to live. Christ is born in us for those who accept Him!

Dec 23, 2018

Psalm 30:4-5
Responsive Reading 161 "Messiah brings the Kingdom"
Hymn 167 "The First Noel"; Hymn 176 "Away in the manger"; "Go tell it on 
   the mountain"; Hymn 171 "Silent Night! Holy Night"
Children's Sunday School Class - "Little drummer boy"; "Happy Birthday Jesus"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Psalm 89:30-37; "Forever"
Audio available below.
   All the Old Testament prophesies talk about the coming Messiah and God's
everlasting love. God's love includes mercy, grace, and faithfulness.
   This psalm reminds the people how great God is. If the people turn from 
God, God will send punishment but will never abandon the people. He will
provide a way for the people to come back to God. God wants us to live a
life without sin which will bring us peace and unity with God. When you are
out of God's will, you can be uneasy, restless, and even tormented. 
   Jesus Christ was punished for us. We cannot proclaim salvation and then
continue to sin. Jesus Christ came to die to make us holy. God will teach us
what is best for us. God is steadfast and faithful. He has an everlasting
commitment to us. Christ's birth is the "Amen!" to God's covenant. Jesus
Christ is coming to live with us. He will suffer for us. He will go to the cross to
be the final sacrifice. The Holy Spirit will come to live in you. 
   God is steadfast and will keep His promises. Jesus Christ is fully man and
fully God. He comes to the common people, the lowly and outsiders not the 
rich and powerful. Jesus Christ will lift the burdens placed on everyone.
   From the very beginning, God has had this plan ready to go for when the 
time was right. Jesus Christ had to grow and become a man. He had to 
become the king and defeat death. He forgives us and desires us to stop
sinning. Jesus Christ is the Messiah, king, priest, and fulfillment of prophesy.
He is also the lamb to be the final sacrifice. The only way to defeat death was
for Jesus Christ to be fully man, die, and come back to life. Jesus Christ and
God promise believers a new heart and a new covenant.

Shared Communion.

Let the little children come to me,and do not hinder them, 
for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.
Matthew 19:14

Resolution one: I will live for God,
Resolution two: If no one else does, I still will.

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To open, to set free, to bring light

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For the Holy One of Israel

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Holy and dearly loved

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