Apr 14, 2019

Psalm 31:9-14
Responsive Reading 216 "The Triumphal entry"
Hymn 236 "At Calvary"; Hymn 250 "Were you there?"; Hymn 242 "Glory
   to His name"; "Rock of ages"; Hymn 258 "Christ arose"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Mark 11:7-11; "Blessed are those who come in the name"
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   When this reading occurred, it was all about Jesus. The people thought Jesus
would be a political leader/savior. Do you ever hear anyone say "Blessed is
he who comes in the name of the Lord"? We need to come in Jesus' name,
grace, love, and forgiveness. We no longer need to fear death. Do you tell
the Good News to others? We represent Christ. Do we meet those who are 
broken and drawn away from God? Do we speak words of reconciliation and
hope? God has filled us with the Holy Spirit to guide us. We all have family,
friends, and neighbors who do not know Jesus and God. They need to be
loved like Jesus and God loves each of us. You may be the one to lead an
unbeliever to Jesus and God rather than judging them and walking away
from them leaving them lost. When you reach a lost person, they will ask you
lots of questions and say God cannot forgive them because what they did
was too bad. They do not realize that God has already forgiven them. Help
bring them back into a right relationship with God and Jesus.
   When we love God with our whole heart, mind, and strength, we are made
whole. Anyone who comes to God is a brother or sister. You should not see
their faults. We need to be an ambassador for Jesus Christ. Extend God's 
love and grace to them through our words, actions, and behavior. Palm
Sunday is an example of how we are to enter into places of darkness to 
reach out to the unbelievers. Help them to know God's forgiveness and that
it is there if they would only reach out for it.
   People need God and they need salvation. They will not hear the Good 
News from politicians, TV, Hollywood, most musicians, and other secular people.
They will only hear it from you!

Apr 7, 2019

Psalm 23
Responsive Reading 645 "Fight the good fight of the faith"
Hymn 644 "Onward Christian soldiers"; Hymn 759 "America the beautiful";
   Hymn 756 "Mine eyes have seen the Glory"; "In Christ alone"

Sermon - Rev. Paul Herring
Luke 18:10-14; 11:1; "Prayer"
Audio available below.
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Mar 31, 2019

Psalm 34:15-18
Responsive Reading 32 "God's goodness"
Hymn 33 "How great Thou art"; Hymn 30 "A mighty fortress is our God";
   "God of wonders"; Hymn 25 "He has made me glad"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Psalm 34:1-7; "Boast in the Lord"
Audio available below.
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Mar 24, 2019

Psalm 63:2-5
Responsive Reading 385 "Salvation by grace"
Hymn 395 "Love lifted me"; Hymn 402 "Whosoever meaneth Me";
    "Days of Elijah"; Hymn 133 "I love you, Lord"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Audio available below.
   The two stories here have no recorded history. It is quite possible that Pilate
did kill these people. The fallen tower would have killed many people. At that
time, people thought bad things happened because you deserved it. You
must have sinned. Jesus flips this thought and gives the people an unexpected
answer. Jesus calls the people to repentance to be saved. Repentance is not a
one time thing. As you grow in God's grace and image, you will see more
attitudes you need to repent for. You need to keep repenting as God reveals
the sin in your life. If you do not repent, you will never be in God's presence
for all eternity.
   In the parable of the fig tree, the tree does not produce any fruit and the 
owner wants to cut the tree down. When you repent, you need to produce 
fruit. God is the landowner and Israel the fig tree. Israel was to be God's priests
to the world. The gardener is Jesus Christ who wants to save this tree for at
least one more year. Repentance produces fruits of the spirit. Our goal needs
to have this fruit in our hearts so that we can influence other people to come to
Christ. Is the Church Universal producing fruit in our world today? As the 
Church Universal, it needs to repent so that it can start producing spiritual
fruit to save unbelievers. It takes time and persistence to see results.
   Israel was cut down and the gentiles/Christ followers/Christians became the 
fig tree. We need to help the Church to grow. We need to bring repentance to
unbelievers so they can experience salvation and then produce good fruit/
good works. The Holy Spirit lives in everyone who is saved by Jesus Christ.
God expects each one of us to minister and produce fruit so we can help
change the people around us. Salvation is not just about getting to Heaven.
In the midst of all their trials, the early Christians kept sharing the Gospel
and took God's words very seriously. Can we do any less?

O God, You are my God;
early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for you;
because Your loving kindness us better than life.
Psalm 63

If you pray only when you're in trouble...
you're in trouble

Pastor George Fry4/14/2019
Blessed are those who come in the name

Rev. Paul Herring4/7/2019

Pastor George Fry3/31/2019
Boast in the Lord

Pastor George Fry3/24/2019
How do you FIG-ure?