Sep 23, 2018

Psalm 1:1-3
Responsive Reading 688 "God's Word"
"In Christ alone"; "Revelation Song"; "I surrender all"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
James 3:13-18; "God's Wisdom"
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Sep 16, 2018

Psalm 125:1-2
Responsive Reading 680 "Loving from the heart"
"But for your grace"; "Create in me a clean heart"; "Take my life and let it be"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
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Communion celebrated

Sep 9, 2018

Psalm 125:1-2
Responsive Reading 8 "The Apostles Creed"
Hymn 436 "The Solid rock"; Hymn 443 "I know whom I have believed";
   Hymn 445 "Rock of Ages"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Mark 7:24-30; "Even the dogs"
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   A reminder that the Gospel of Mark was written for the non-Jew.
Jesus needed some time alone. He needed to be away from the 
argumentative Jews and Pharisees. Away from the people following Him 
only to see His miracles or to be fed with actual food not the spiritual food
Jesus wanted to give them. Jesus went into the land of the pagans seeking
quiet and peace. Unfortunately, the people here had heard about Jesus. A
woman found Jesus and kept after Him to heal her daughter. This woman 
was very persistent and kept begging Jesus to help her daughter. Some how
she knew that Jesus could help her. She calls Jesus "Lord". This is the first 
and only time "Lord" is used in the Gospel of Mark. 
   Jesus responded to the woman so that His disciples would hear. Jesus 
stated that He came first for the Jews and then later for the Gentiles. This
woman agreed but was willing to take any crumbs that were leftover. She
said she was part of God's family like a small puppy in a family with children.
Jesus was amazed at her faith. Jesus healed her daughter. Some how God
revealed to her who Jesus was and allowed her to have such a strong faith
in Jesus. Mark, writing to the Gentiles, wanted them to know Jesus and to
have faith in Him and that they are also part of God's creation and family.
This woman taught the disciples the lesson of accepting all people who
believe and follow Jesus whether they are part of the Jewish family or not.
   Today there are people outside our church family. There may be people we
think unfit to be in the church family. Everyone is worthy because they are 
made in the image of God. There is no one who does not belong. Do not
worry about their current behavior. God will straighten them out once they
become believers. Do not get caught up in judging people. Everyone deserves
God's and Jesus' grace!

Sep 2, 2018

Psalm 15
Responsive Reading 300 "The Spirit-filled life"
Hymn 392 "The Lily of the Valley"; Hymn 455 "Take my life and let it be";
   Hymn 308 "Come, Holy Spirit"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
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   Mark wrote his Gospel to the Greeks, Romans, and Gentiles. These people
did not know the Jewish customs at that time. The Jews kept telling these
Gentiles that they had to follow Jewish Law. Mark disputes this belief.
   In this reading, the Pharisees criticized the disciples because they did not do 
the ceremonial cleansing before eating. The Pharisees had taken what was
required for the priests and applied it to everyone. The Pharisees took the Law
and wrote new rules to help the people to follow the original Law. These new
rules lessened the impact and purity of God's Law. The Pharisees took these
rules to manipulate God's Law for their own profit. Jesus called the Pharisees 
out on these man-made rules. 
   Jesus said it is not what is on the outside that defiles you. It is what is inside
you; what is in your heart. You can follow all the rules to the letter but if your
heart and mind are dirty and leans towards evil this is what makes you dirty
and sinful. When you have evil thoughts, you put into action your thoughts
which changes your attitude to more sinful thoughts. We all have certain
attitudes that need to be changed. Jesus can help us change our attitudes 
and behaviors to bring us back to the purity of God's Law. 
   We cannot use these made-up rules and pre-judgement to keep people 
away from God - to turn them away from the church. We cannot take God's
Law to make a burden on someone before they can become a Christian or
attend a church. This attitude is what the Jews/Pharisees had demanded of 
the Gentiles. Telling the Gentiles they had to follow all the Jewish rules before 
they could enter the church. Jesus said "NO!" You only need to follow God's 
Law and let in God's love and His spirit. Let God do the work on our insides to
change our attitudes and behaviors. 
   We need to extend Christian love and friendship to the non-believers. The 
disciples were not saved when they became disciples. They did not believe 
everything Jesus said until they saw Jesus after His resurrection. Then all of
the disciples died for their beliefs. All people need to do is accept Jesus as 
their Lord and Savior! What changes have happened in you since you became
a Christian? What attitudes, what beliefs, what behaviors? A church cannot 
and should not ask a person to hold to a certain standard before they even 
know Jesus. 
   We need to witness and look to help others. We need to remember when we
did not believe. We need to love non-believers as they are and where they are
allowing God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to work on their thoughts and behaviors.
We just need to love them. Live in such a way that people see a difference in 
you and wonder what changed you.

Aug 26, 2018

Psalm 84
Responsive Reading 637 "The Armor of God"
Hymn 681 "Family of God"; Hymn 646 "Stand up, stand up for Jesus";
   Hymn 606 "In the garden"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
John 6:53-69; "Who else?"
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   Just before this scripture, Jesus had fed the 5000 men not including wives,
and children. Next, Jesus walked on water scaring his disciples. Now Jesus
is talking with His disciples, who is anyone who followed Jesus from place to
place, not just the 12. The people at the time were offended by what Jesus 
said because it sounded like cannibalism. Many of these people were only 
following Jesus because He gave them an abundance of food. Jesus started
to talk with them in a spiritual way when the people only were thinking about
earthly matters. They only wanted what Jesus could give them. They did not
want what Jesus had to give - eternal life. They cared about the now. Jesus
said what was coming was most important. The people probably thought 
Jesus was crazy. 
   Jesus wanted His believers to consume everything He had to give them
and asked them to be like Him. Jesus was asking the people to change, to
forgive, to love others, plus much more. The people only wanted the physical
food not the spiritual food that Jesus really wanted them to have. Jesus 
wanted them to be active and allow Jesus to help them change into the 
person Jesus wanted them to be. Jesus wants us to pursue what He has to
give us. Come after Jesus. Make an effort to consume/gorge on what Jesus
has for us. God enables all to come to Him. No one is destined for Hell 
unless that person chooses to hold on to this world and turn their back on 
Jesus and God. 
   People find Jesus' and God's teachings hard and do not want to change.
So they walk away form Jesus and God. We are made to live a life to 
glorify and praise God and Jesus. Are you going to walk away? Will you love
Jesus in return? Will you serve? Will you minister? Will you be like Jesus or
be like this world? There is no one who can give you eternal life, forgiveness,
or redemption but Lord Jesus. 
   Some of the people who followed Jesus only cared about their physical 
comforts. Jesus' followers are looking to the future and trying to mirror Him.
On our own, we cannot forgive but with Jesus we can. Jesus sent the Holy
Spirit to help us, teach us, and guide us. We need to continue to be actively
involved in knowing who Jesus is. We need to always keep working towards
knowing Jesus. This is a journey that only stops when you get to Heaven.
Keep pursuing God!

Let the little children come to me,and do not hinder them, 
for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.
Matthew 19:14

I will not be shaken.
Psalm 16:8

Pastor George Fry9/23/2018
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