Feb 23, 2020 
Psalm 146:1-6
Responsive Reading 22 "God's dominion" 
Hymn 41 "We bring the sacrifice"; Hymn 20 "Praise to the Lord"; Hymn 117 "Praise Him, praise Him!"; Hymn 480 "Have Thine own way, Lord"   
Sermon - Pastor George Fry   
Exodus 24:12-18; "Come to Me" 
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   God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and other information verbally for the Israelites to follow as they were learning about God's Covenant. God wanted Moses to remind the people about all God had done for them already out of His immense love. Show love for God by being obedient and respecting Him.   
   The Israelites, most of them, stayed a distance from God when Moses went up Mt. Sinai to God. God hoped more people would come closer to Him after they had cleansed themselves. Were the people feeling unworthy or afraid of change? God wanted the people to be close to Him. God was doing everything to draw the people closer to Him and to have them love Him.   
   God did this again using Jesus Christ as His agent. Jesus made the way and provided the way for you to come into God's presence. Are we any different than the Israelites? Many people have turned their backs on God even in some of today's churches. We are to love all people as God does. The Jews never fulfilled their call to be the priests of this world. Now does God look at the Church universal and wonder if we are just like the Jews? Has the Church universal reached out in love and walk in Jesus Christ's name? If we come to Jesus Christ, we will be changed. Are we afraid to let that change happen? God wants us to point unbelievers to Jesus Christ and His way to God. Do not stay at a distance from God. Be a witness for God!    

Feb 16, 2020
Psalm 119:1-8
Responsive Reading 688 "God's Word"
"Step by step"; Hymn 481 "Where He leads I'll follow"; Hymn 475 "Deeper, deeper"; Hymn 90 "Seek Ye first" 
Sermon - Pastor George Fry 
Deuteronomy 30:15-20; "A choice to make"
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   In this reading, Moses is getting ready to pass on the leadership to Joshua. Moses is ready to die and gives some last instructions to the Israelites. Moses explains the original covenant and renews it with the new generation of people going into the Promise Land.   
   Man has free will. The Israelites have a choice to either follow God and be blessed or follow the world and have their lives cut short. There is no power to force you to do anything. God will never force anyone to sin. Christ died on the cross to free us from sin. Satan cannot force you to sin. Satan can only tempt you. You do not have to sin! God gives you grace and mercy to help you avoid sin. God does all these things to bring you close to Him and all He wants is for you to love Him. When you love God, you will obey Him and follow His commandments so you will love God and love other people. Our lives are in God. If you turn from God, you will be lost and caught up in sin.   
   Do not bring offerings and sacrifices to God if you are not obedient to Him. If you do not love God, you will not follow Him. God desires only what is good. God will not force you to worship Him. He loves you so much. God wants you to be with Him. Moses reminds us that we always have a choice - to choose life with God or death with sin. God truly loves you and you should desire to please Him. Our lives are made complete with God. Nothing we do on our own will give us life and hope. Choose life and blessings. Choose God by loving, honoring, and obeying Him.
   Who are you going to love? Some people will turn from God because they refuse to be obedient to Him. God desires us to extend love and our hands to meet the needs of the people around Him. In loving God, you will find life. You do not have to but you will want to out of love for God. Let us continue to walk with God in obedience and love. 
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Feb 9, 2020 
Psalm 112:1-5 
Responsive Reading 715 "As children of light" 
"His love endures forever"; Hymn 20 "Praise to the Lord"; Hymn 36 "To God be the glory"; Hymn 269 "He is Lord"   
Sermon - Pastor George Fry   
1 Corinthians 2:1-12; "The mystery and wisdom of God"
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   The Corinthians had a problem with accepting Paul and were divided over his teachings.
   God gives us a different mind and understanding once we accept Jesus Christ as our savior. The Holy Spirit is with us to help teach us. The Corinthians held themselves above others thinking their intellect was better than anyone else. Paul said he will only talk about Jesus crucified, risen, and ruling with God in Heaven. Paul teaches on the power of God. Paul saw the resurrected Jesus and talked with those who walked with Jesus while He lived.
   Our faith is built on the power of God. It is through the power of God that we can live a Christian life. Paul comes to these people in humbleness and talks only about Jesus Christ. Paul talks about God's power that we will receive by accepting Jesus Christ's salvation. Paul never shies away from sin and uses God's wisdom to talk with the mature Christians. We need to continue to grow in God's power and wisdom. Paul wants us to get a deeper understanding of God. Forgive, extend grace and mercy, let your anger go. Bitterness will eat you up! You forgive first. 
   God calls us to understand His mind, through the Holy Spirit, and not be like this world. If we know the wisdom and grace of God, we will be changed and be better able to share God with this world. If you decide to seek God, you will find Him! Let God change you. God wants you to know His wisdom, understanding, and desires. Do you really know how much God loves you and loves others? Do not let your fear stop you from knowing and loving God. 

Feb 2, 2020
Psalm 15 
Responsive Reading 8 "The Apostles' Creed" 
"Shine, Jesus shine"; Hymn 606 "In the garden"; Hymn 2 "Holy, holy, holy"; Hymn 490 "O to be like Thee"   
Sermon - Pastor George Fry   
1 Corinthians 1:18-31; "Christ crucified" 
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 I will sing the Lord's praise,
for He has been good to me. 
Psalm  13:6

Faith is not an emotion.
It is a decision to stand on God's word.  

Pastor George Fry2/16/2020
A choice to make

Pastor George Fry2/9/2020
The mystery and wisdom of God

Pastor George Fry2/2/2020
Christ crucified