18 Feb 2018
   Psalm 133
   Responsive Reading 676 "Christian unity"
   Hymn 681 "The Family of God"; Hymn 224 "My Savior's love";
           Hymn 223 "O how He loves you and me"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
   Philippians 2:1-4; "Complete"
   Audio available below.
   Some background information: The church at Phillipi was probably Paul's
favorite church. Paul encourages the disciples to act according to the spirit
and not to be afraid of persecution which will come. Stay strong! Paul is in 
prison at this time. 
   The followers are united with Christ experiencing and living with him. If you
are united with Christ, you are walking with Him and following Him. Paul 
reminds them that as Christians, we are individually saved. The community 
and the Church are important and saved by Christ. As a Christian, you are 
never alone and should never act as if you are alone. You are always part of 
community. We cannot live our lives by ourselves. Encourage each one to
support the Church, other believers, and unbelievers. We need one another 
and to lift each other up. We are all in Christ together.
   We need to be in God's love. Peace and joy will fill your life. Sometimes you
may feel alone but you are never alone in the church. There is always some-
one willing to pray with you and for you. We need to carry one another's 
burdens. We cannot let a church family member be broken. We need to 
support and encourage them. We need to reach out to the unbelievers 
around us - always. Acts of love are not random for a Christian. God's love 
never stops and so should ours. Loving should be a constant. As a Christian, 
love should be a part of your character.
   We need to be in the Spirit. This Spirit raised Jesus from the dead and is 
also in each of us. This Spirit makes us all spiritual relations. We are to love 
all our family members - all the Christians - not just one denomination. We are 
to get along and support one another with tenderness and compassion. Who 
have you helped? Do you hurt when a family member hurts? Do you pray for 
the needs of others? You also need to pray for other people's prayers.  Ask 
God to answer their prayers, bless them, and help them to pray. We should 
all be a family of mind and one love. Surround those being persecuted and let 
them know they are not alone. 
   Christianity is not a solo act. It is being part of a community. God never 
intended for us to worship alone rather to be together as a family. Comfort 
others. Let the Spirit give you the words to say. Let them know they are not 
alone. The Christian family is so important and needs us to help, comfort, and 
support each other. Tell someone when you are struggling so they can come 
along aside you to help, encourage, pray. We are not in this life alone. Never 
assume we can do this life alone. There will be struggles, persecution, and 
hardship. We need one another!

11 Feb 2018
   Psalm 115
   Responsive Reading 316 "Life in the Spirit"
   "Love the Lord your God"; Hymn 315 "He abides"; "Lord you have my heart"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
   John 5:16-20; "What do you do?"
   Audio available below. No notes this week.

4 Feb 2018
   Psalm 89:14-18
   Responsive Reading 207 "The cost of discipleship"
   "Step by step"; Hymn 494 "Follow on"; 
        Hymn 607 "Just a closer walk with Thee"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
   Matthew 4:18-22; "Follow"
   Audio available below. No notes this week.

28 Jan 2018
   Psalm 119:1-8
   Responsive Reading 534 "Social responsibility and justice"
   "Here I am to worship"; Hymn 85 "Amazing Grace"; 
       Hymn 297 "Spirit of the Living God"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
   John 1:13-19; "We're in it now"    
   Audio available below.
   Today's scripture is a pastoral prayer by Jesus for his disciples. 
    From the very beginning, God preached holiness. He did not wait until the
New Testament. God wants His people to be holy. It did not take long for them 
to turn away from God. They did not want to depend on God. They made their
own gods to use as they needed or wanted them. They wanted to live the way 
they wanted, not to follow God. "God is no fun and I do not want to change or
live differently from everyone else. It is too hard! God wants me to change but
I do not want to. God wants me to love everyone. I hate them. Why would I 
help them." From the very beginning of time, God called His people to be 
different from the world. Do not fit into this world. Be Holy! People need to see 
something different in you to show that you worship the only one, true God.
   Jesus calls us to be made new, reformed, and different. Jesus wants to see
us changed. Jesus wants others to see him in us. Other people need to see
Christ Jesus in you so they will want Jesus in them. Who do you serve and
worship? Do you make a difference in this world? Do they see Jesus Christ's
signature on you? We do not know how soon Jesus will come back. We need
to be urgent about living our lives so that we stand out and others will ask us
why. We need to live this way. We need to be radical. Carry the signature of 
Christ around with you and know the Holy Spirit is in you. God through the 
Holy Spirit will provide you with the words of grace, mercy, and reconciliation
when you speak out for God. The goal of our life should be holiness and to 
bring others to Christ. Jesus did not rescue us. He is sending us!

For God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten son 
that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life .
John 3:16

Come Thou long expected Jesus.

Pastor George Fry2/18/2018

Pastor George Fry2/11/2018
What do you do?

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We're in it now