Nov 11, 2018

Psalm 146
Responsive Reading 254 "Christ's humiliation and exaltation"
Hymn 255 "There is a fountain"; Hymn 256 "Because He lives";
   Hymn 242 "Glory to His name"; Hymn 541 "Jesus calls us"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Hebrews 9:24-28; "On our behalf"
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Nov 4, 2018

Psalm 24
Responsive Reading 280 "Forever with Christ"
Hymn 283 "What a day that will be"; Hymn 289 "Soon and very soon";
   Hymn 282 "We'll work till Jesus comes"; Hymn 552 "Oh Master, let me 
   walk with Thee"

Sermon: Pastor George Fry
Revelation 21:1-6; "All things new"
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Oct 28, 2018

Psalm 34:1-8
Responsive Reading 141 "Hallelujah for the Lamb"
Hymn 138 "Jesus is the sweetest name"; Hymn 152 "Fairest Lord Jesus";
   "Praise Adonai"; Hymn 133 "I love you Lord"

Sermon: Pastor George Fry
Hebrews 7:23-28; "One and done"
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   In the past, there always needed to be more priests since they either died
or moved away. There were many priest but Jesus was "The" permanent one.
The is no beginning or end to Jesus. Jesus will never die and saves us
completely. Jesus offered himself as the most perfect and pure sacrifice on
the cross. He died once for all and for all time. Regular priests had to make 
sacrifices over and over, year after year. Jesus has cleansed us permanently
and Jesus lives forever. Jesus defeated death and Jesus gives us the hope of
eternity with God in Heaven. The regular sacrifices never gave the people 
any thing for more than a short time.
   Job and Melchizedek both had the attributes of Christ. They were an 
example of how a person on earth should live. Jesus is so much above man 
because Jesus Christ created this world with God and the Holy Spirit. Jews
at that time needed the priest to be the intercessor between them and God.
We no longer need a priest for this. Jesus is our permanent intercessor. We
need to worship God all the time through our lives - every minute of every
day no matter what is happening. This is a life style of worshiping God. Let
the Holy Spirit in you help you to worship God always, not just for one hour
on a Sunday. Job and Melchizedek walked and talked with God and glorified
God in everything they did. Constant worship and walking with God and Jesus
will change your character and change your life.
   Christ is better than the old priest. This new covenant is better than the old
covenant. Christ desires for us to live like Job and Melchizedek to let our lives
be changed through constantly worshiping God. Jesus Christ is always there
and interceding for us before God. We are to turn to Christ and allow him to
live through us. Our worship for Christ is daily and always. Everything we do
should reflect our worship of Christ. Let your attitudes and judgement of others
be forever changed so that we can glorify God!

Oct 21, 2018

Psalm 110
Responsive Reading 573 "The Lord is near"
Hymn 225 "And can it be?"; Hymn 275 "Jesus is Lord of all";
   Hymn 283 "What a day that will be"; Hymn 269 "He is Lord"

Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Hebrews 5:1-10; "Learned obedience"
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   Every high priest was called by God to serve Him. Today, every pastor and
minister should be truly called by God. People who are called by God did not
ask God to call them. There is nothing supernatural or super powerful in
these people who are called to serve God. People who do not know about 
God and salvation just do not know the truth yet. There are people who grew
up in the church, professed a faith in God, and then went astray. The true
priest, in his humanity, understands these people because he lived the same
type of life and had to sacrifice sin offerings for himself and them. Jesus 
Christ did not take any glory on to himself. God told Jesus He needed Jesus 
to go down to be with the people and to be their priest. Jesus did not 
volunteer. He was called by God and was obedient to that call.
   The priest Melchizedek was called by God and we have no lineage of him
or where he went after appearing to Abram. Melchizedek's name means
"righteous" and he was the king of Salem. Salem means "peace".
Melchizedek was both a king and priest like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is
the King of Peace and Righteousness. Christ was also the final sacrifice.
During Jesus' life, he offered up prayers and petitions to God. Jesus' heart
must have broke watching the people continue to get into trouble and 
ignoring God. These people's lives were terrible and not anything like what
their lives could have been if they had let God and Jesus into their hearts.
These people were missing out on God's and Jesus' love and grace. Jesus 
cried and mourned every minute of his life for these lost people. He lifted 
up petitions and prayers for us. Prayer needs to be a reverent submission 
to God, like Jesus did.
   Jesus was fully God and fully human yet he learned obedience to God. 
In Jesus' suffering for us, he learned obedience but not just on the cross. 
Jesus lifted up prayers in agony all his days on earth. From the very 
beginning, Jesus saw how mankind behaved. Jesus suffered knowing how 
much better their lives could have been. Through Jesus' suffering, he 
became perfect. Jesus became holy through his experiences walking with
us and lifting up prayers to God. Jesus, because of his suffering, became 
the source of our salvation. Jesus was constantly being tempted by Satan
and tried by his disciples. Jesus brought mankind to God through prayer
every second of every day he was on earth. Jesus had to learn obedience
in his humanity and in his divinity.
   There is a pattern of life by living in submission to God. We should mourn
and agonize over this world and lift up our prayers to God. Paul says we 
should rejoice in our suffering because it produces perseverance which
produces character; and character, hope. Jesus totally committed himself to 
do what God asked him to do. Jesus consecrated himself to God in the 
Garden of Gethsemane. He was set apart to serve God no matter what was 
asked of him.
   Most people want to commit themselves to God for what God can do for 
them. Instead, Jesus  committed himself to God to allow God to work through
him after Jesus' complete submission. This is the pattern we should follow.
This world needs us to witness to them, pray for them, and show them the 
way to Christ and God. Do not miss the part where God wants to work
through you. We all have a calling. Each person's calling is different because 
God wants to be in us and also work through us. 

Breaking bread together

Let the little children come to me,and do not hinder them, 
for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.
Matthew 19:14

I sought the Lord, and he answered me
and delivered me from all my fears
Psalm 34:4

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