Dec 8, 2019 
Psalm 72:17-19
Responsive Reading 159 "Messiah brings peace" 
Hymn 167 "The first Noel"; Hymn 175 "O come, all Ye faithful"; Hymn 169 "O little town of Bethlehem"; Hymn 174 "Joyful, joyful, we adore Him" 
Sermon - Pastor George Fry   
Romans 15:4-13; "Hope in Him"
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Dec 1, 2019
Psalm 122 
Responsive Reading 158 "Our God comes"
Hymn 149 "His name is wonderful"; Hymn 157 "Come, Thou long expected Jesus"; Hymn 156 "We will glorify"; Hymn 148 "There's something about that name" 
Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Romans 13:11-14; "The day is near"
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   Paul is talking to the Christians in Rome. These people are trying to turn from their past and the culture. They are having a difficult time. Is it any different today? We do not have statue idols but many other things have become idols. This world goes against God and what He wants us to do.   
   Paul wants the Roman Christians to wake up. Do not let Satan and your past pull you away from God. Do not think that having fun will fulfill you and bring you peace. Jesus Christ is coming back. It is guaranteed. Will you be ready? At Christmas, we celebrate the first Advent. Each generation of Christians have been waiting for Jesus Christ's second Advent. With the way this world is going, Jesus's return seems ever closer. Paul is asking the Roman Christians to stay faithful to God and put away their old habits and behaviors. When you become a Christian, there is a tendency to fall back into sinful behavior. You have to stay strong and focused on God and Jesus Christ. You cannot be double minded. Paul said when you become a Christian, you become a new creation! 
   We have been living in a dark time since Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. The world keeps pulling us away from God and Jesus Christ. Divisions are spiritual with sin surrounding you. People hide their sins and do it at night. Paul says to live in the light/day, live in Christ, shine out in the middle of sin/darkness. Live a life where you have fallen in to Jesus and be the light! Let people see your love and grace and mercy. Do not cause dissension and jealousy. We need to reconcile with others. Do not divide which is Satan's influence instead bring people together! 
   We are to live as if Jesus' second Advent has already happened. We, Christians, are to live in the way to draw people to God. Live a life of love and holiness. Living this type of life gets people to ask why you are different. In the midst of this darkness, live in the light of Jesus Christ. 

Nov 24, 2019 
Psalm 126:1-3 
Responsive Reading 151 "Partakers of Christ" 
Hymn 767 "We gather together"; Hymn 770 "Give Thanks"; "He has made me glad"; Hymn 148 "There's something about that name" 
Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Jeremiah 23:1-6; "The days are coming"
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   "Shepherds" in Hebrew translate to mean the leaders of the country/nation. In the Old Testament, there were good kings whose children became kings and did evil. These children did not follow their fathers. These evil kings did not guide their people to worship God or show them how to live a godly life. Instead these kings pushed the people away from God and these kings and their people will be punished by God. God will drive the people to other nations and eventually lead them back to Israel once they learn to only worship God.
   God wants to break down the barriers that keep the Church divided. God wants all believers to come together and see His truths. Imagine how powerful the Church could be if people put away their differences to come together to truly worship God. The righteous savior will be the new king foreshadowing Jesus Christ. In John 10:11, Jesus says "I am the Good Shepherd" and "I am not like the evil kings or priests" who are hired hands/shepherds. These kings and priests are hurting the people and still pull them away from God. Jesus said He will provide, heal, feed, and protect all the people. 
   Did Jeremiah know when he wrote these words that we are still waiting for the "Good Shepherd" to finally come? Do we only think about the now and forget the future when Jesus will return? Are we able to share our faith with others? The day of the Lord is coming. We need to keep looking and sharing with others. God wants us to be persistent, to continue to minister, and to love people by extending mercy and reconciliation. 

Nov 17, 2019 
Psalm 98:1-3
Responsive Reading 645 "Fight the good fight of the faith"
Hymn 644 "Onward Christian soldiers"; Hymn 646 "Stand up, stand up for Jesus"; "Chain breaker"; Hymn 626 "Gentle shepherd"; "I raise a Hallelujah" 
Sermon - Pastor George Fry
Luke 21:8-19; "Make up your mind" 
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I will bless the Lord at all times:
His praise shall continually be in my mouth. 
Psalm  34:1

You cannot love Jesus and not love His Word. 

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Hope in Him

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Make up your mind