Prayer needs: PRAYER REQUESTS during our stay at home time due to COVID-19:

  • Prayers for healing in our country.
  • For families being together, slowing down, taking time to communicate and discover the importance of home.
  • For neighbors caring about each other.
  • For technology that allows us to be together virtually and provides information and other needed services.
Prayer Requests:
  • A prior church family member was in a serious accident a few weeks ago and is in York Hospital/Rehab hospital.  Prayers for her healing and rehabilitation as well as for her children and family care.
  • Prayers for those grieving the loss of a loved one and former neighbor.
  • For those who are lonely, afraid, sick, and anxious during this time of uncertainty.
  • For our children who are feeling anxious and confused as this isolation continues.
  • For those in nursing homes who can not have visitors or some of the services they need to keep their days occupied.
  • For health care workers and first responders and their families putting themselves in harm’s way daily to care for others and do their job. 
  • For small businesses struggling over the next few weeks and beyond.
  • Homeless, abused and poor who have had some of their needed support shut down due to school and office closures.
  • For anyone infected or exposed to the coronavirus in this country and around the world. Special prayers for poor communities globally who are not able to get food and other services due to strict quarantine. Prayers for churches and other organizations helping them at this difficult time.
  • For anyone whose job and education has been affected by the coronavirus emergency  
  • For anyone who has died from the corornavirus and for their families and friends 
Ongoing Prayers: 

  • Relief of various illnesses and pain in our church family.
  • For job and financial needs and thankfulness over promotions, caring employers, clients helping out, and other blessings.
  • For all our missionaries around the world especially our LINKS Missionaries
  • Prayers for the General and District Superintendents
  • For the District's Work and Witness programs plus our District Leaders and Churches
  • For Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
  • For Fawn Grove Compassion Center
  • For Pastor George M. in Tanzania - prayers for his ministry and family
  • Pray for all churches who are reaching out to share the love of Christ.
  • Pray for the Christians being persecuted for protection and courage as they show their love of God and Jesus Christ
  • For our national, state, and local leaders - to be one nation under God
  • Those serving in the military, firefighters, police officers, EMS and others who help keep us safe, healthy and free.
Church challenge - to pray for 2 to 3 church members, neighbors, and friends each week


"When they cast thee down, thou shalt say, There is lifting up:  And the humble person he will save".   Job 22:29