Mission Statement


To be a welcoming, caring, and Christ-centered community.

We desire to share God's love by reaching all generations for Christ.

Inspired by the example of Jesus, we strive to lead all people

to wholeness and fullness of life.


 Church History 


   In 1959, a prayer meeting was organized and met in Lois Kadet's apartment. Lois was

a music professor at Gettysburg College and the first organist. During this time, the church 

was meeting in a building on Wainright Ave. where they met weekly for Sunday School and 

Worship Service.

   They had weekly Caravan meetings and that summer had Vacation Bible School for the

children. The teens were active with the NYPS - Nazarene Young People's Society. The

Missionary Society was also a very active part of the meeting. 

   On May 1, 1960, Dr. Grosse organized the church with 14 charter members. On July 10,

1960, Rev. James Weston Chambers (Wes) and his wife Luine came as the first full time

pastor. Shortly afterwards, the church body was praying for a building and they purchased

the lot on the corner of Windbriar Lane and Rt. 116. The address is now 1100 Fairfield Rd.

Sep 1959 - first revival with Rev. Claude Jones

Feb 1965 - first wedding - Linda Geiman & Jim Witherow

April 1966 - first baby dedication - Wayne Sarge

August 1968 - first baptism service

---------- -------

May 1960 - Charter Members 

- Dr. Grosse organized the Gettysburg Church of the Nazarene with 14 members:

   Lawrence Haines, Jr., LaWanda Haines, Kathleen Haines

   Lois Kadel, Nancy Kelly, Majorie Routsong, David K. Witherow, Steven Witherow,

   David L. Witherow, Olan Young, Sylvia Young, Janice Young, and Edith Witherow who

   joined in June.

Pulpit Supply Pastors

1959-1960 - Elsie Bradfield

1974-1975 - Dudley Hallaway

1986-1987 - Norman Ford

1995-1996 - Tom Moser & Ron Bennett

2013-2014 - Clyde Osterhout

Our Pastors

1960-1964 - James Weston Chambers

1964-1974 - Alan G. Keith

1975-1979 - Marcus Briggs

1979-1986 - John Borgal

1987 - 1990 - John S. Cramer II

1991-1993 - Norman Ford

1993-1995 - Tim Bortner

1996-2000 - Johnny Briles

2001-2002 - Mike Shorb

2002-2007 - Steve Annis

2008-2013 - DeVona L. Cordell

2014 - 3/2024 - George Fry

50th Anniversary Celebration - May 2, 2010 

Former ministers and their families present - Rev. Johnny Briles, Rev. Tom Moser, and 

Rev. Tim Bortner

Special music by Gene & Phyllis Vandergrift - "Man in the middle"

Bible readings from Psalms, Isaiah, John, and Philippians plus others

Songs of praise - "Our redeemer lives", "Step by step" and two others, Hymn 352 - "Victory in Jesus"

Celebrating the past with our former pastors reminiscing 50 years of celebrating video presentation

Special presentation to Marge Orner for faithful services through the years

Childrens' message - "God's love", "Joy in Christ" sermon by Rev. DeVona Cordell

Communion celebrated by Rev. Terry Sowden, Assistant District Superintendent



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50th Anniversary